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Author Topic: Watermark your images or videos  (Read 2470 times)

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Watermark your images or videos
« on: January 31, 2013, 11:56:34 PM »
A real problem concerning Copyright materials.
Recently one of our customers (MFC model) requested to know more about "watermark" her images just because some of them ware posted on adult-niche websites without her approval (and some videos too)
 So, if you can, add watermark to your vids.
With images is much easier.
Adding an watermark text or graphic on your PERSONAL image is a recommended  security measure.

Q: I want to add watermark to my images. How can I do that, what program should I use?

A: My personal recommendation is a free image editing software named Photoscape.
With this easy and fun to use software/program you can add custom text or other graphics as watermark on your images.

For videos... some adult-niche websites does not allow video-streaming with watermark so... it's a little bit difficult. If I remember well, CamSpliter PRO version has this "watermark" option available only for text. Did you check your webcam settings for this option?
Some webcams software include this "watermark" option in their settings. Feel free to explore.

For images, digital signature.
JPG or .jpeg image extension  supports digital signature as their properties.
Open any jpeg image with right click, see the Properties and you will find some empty fields (name, copyright, tags, comment  and so on)
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