install myfreecams profile layoust

How to install a MyFreeCams profile design provided by CSS-MFC-PROfile services.

Learn step-by-step how easy is to edit and install custom myfreecams profiles on your page, taking no more then 4 steps.

I’ve already wrote about this simple steps but it seems nobody wants to really read the install instructions… that’s why I’ve decided to write them  again, and again and again until my partners learn how to copy/paste.

Ok… first of all I have to remind you this simple thing:

CSS-MFC-PRO services uses 3 types of layout designs for MyFreeCams and this are narrow, wide and left-centered narrow layouts.

mfc layout positioned


Most common mistake made by my partners is to purchase a narrow layout in combination with a wide widget… and that’s not ok.

Widgets CSS-MFC-PRO services have on sale are also based on width category same as layouts narrow and wide.

Now let’s bring up the main topic in discussion.

After you download one of CSS-MFC-PRO available products from online store, unzip the file and search for ether install.txt or ReadMe.txt file if non of them is included in the product you have to visit the support forum.

Install instructions are very simple.

Open the css file in Notepad or Notepad++ , search for image urls and replace them with your hosted ones provided in the digital pack (when available). When using image hosting providers like Photobucket for example, my dearest clients/partners always copy  the wrong url and they wonder why their profile or widget is not working as it should.

The fast answer is simple, do not copy the url of the page where you hosted the image and please do not copy the embade html version . You have to choose the Direct Link from right panel (Photobucket) and paste the url replacing the default image path from css file.

Same method must be aplied for html codes too. Replace the images by adding the Direct Link of the image.

After replacing all images in both css and html codes, copy all css code and go to your MyFreeCams account, click on Customize link (left column) and choose edit css directly. Paste the css layout code replacing your old code.

One little advice, you should back-up your old css code just in case.

Now the html install process … same steps. Replace full image direct url path, copy all html code and paste it on Edit Profile sections.

Choose your section carefully because another mistake that most models, clients/partners make is to add the html only in AboutMe section. If the widget is a wide one,  your profile will look ugly and the browser window will add a horizontal scrollbar at the bottom of your page just because your html code does’t fit the About Me section.

Let’s draw the line…

1. Replace images because CSS-MFC-PRO services doesn’t include hosting images.

2. Copy css and add it to edit css directly page.

3. Copy html code and add it to Edit Profile section

4. Save and Enjoy

Do not use narrow profile layout with wide widgets.

Some of the widgets use a similar class and using 3 widgets can become a problem if the classes are not edited properly.

For other tutorials just visit the support forum.