add amazon wishlist to myfreecams

Learn how easy it is to add Amazon Wishlist to your MyFreeCams profile page.

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The answer is simple. You don’t extensive html-css skills.

First you have to decide if you want to use an image (graphic, simple button)  or a simple hyperlink (link to your Amazon Wishlist page)

Using buttons or graphics (a banner for example) a more common technique among webcam performers, you have to host an image, copy the direct url link.

First upload an image on any image hosting service (Photobucket).
Next step is to copy the url of the image and add your Amazon Wishlist url address to the html code.
Now copy/past all the code on your Edit Profile, About Me section.
The code should look like in this example:

<a href="http://amazon-wishlist-url-here/" target="_blank"><img src="http://url-of-the-image/" alt="my amazon wishlist"></a>
How to find your amazon’s wishlist url?
After you add some products to your newly created wishlist, a link named Preview (open Preview link and copy the url full path). Or you could click on Share with friends… a link is provided for sharing function, just copy and replace that link in the code above.
If you don’t have an image, button for this amazon wishlist code, you can download a digital pack with  amazon wishlist graphics  from our store 

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Some example of widget codes?

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